Education Benefits

Terms and Conditions

Users are granted access in order to carry out the duties of their role, and for no other purposes Only nominated users may access the system and must not share their password with anybody The system must only be accessed by users in a secure environment where non-users will not inadvertently view information held The user will not leave a computer logged on to the system unattended Users will be responsible for any data they copy or remove from the system Browsing records that have no link to a user's workload is strictly prohibited If your password or secret questions have been compromised you should change them immediately

Unauthorised Access

Any unauthorised attempt to access this system will be monitored and may be subject to legal action.


When accessing the data about individual people in this database you must recognise the privacy of that data and at all times comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. You must ensure in particular that your use of the data to which you have access is consistent with the purpose for which access has been granted. You must ensure that data is processed securely and is not subject to any unauthorised use or disclosure. Unauthorised use of Bolton Council systems is prohibited and is an offence of the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Unauthorised disclosure of personal data knowingly or recklessly to another person is also prohibited and is an offence under Section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998.


By continuing, you agree to the above terms and conditions.